Query No.TopicSub TopicQuestionAct/RulesSection referencesRule/Form referenceNotification/Circular referenceInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q1RegistrationE-commerceIs an e-commerce operator required to obtain registration under GST even though the turnover is within the threshold? CGST Act 20172(44); 24Not relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q2SupplyCash giftsIs GST is applicable on Cash gifts received? CGST Act 20172(52); 2(102); 7(1)Not relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q3Reverse ChargeUnregistered procurementsDoes tax need to be discharged under reverse charge for procurements from unregistered suppliers? CGST Act 20172(98);9(3);9(4)Not relevant04/2017 CT (R), 13/2017 CT (R), 07/2019 CT (R).Insta AnswerInsta Video
Q4CompositionEligibility & Rate of taxCan a person getting rental income opt for composition and if yes at what rate the tax needs to be discharged?CGST Amendment Act 2018Second Proviso to Section 10(1); 10(2A)Not relevant02/2019 CTInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q5ValuationDeterminationFor the purpose of valuation, should one consider only the price received from the customer? CGST Act 201715, 2(31), 2(93)Not relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q6ExemptionInter State SupplyIs a person making inter state supply of services exempted from obtaining registration if his turnover is within the threshold limits? CGST Act 201723(2)Not relevant10/2017 ITInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q7Time of SupplyAdvancesAre advances received for supplies, taxable at the time of receipt of money or raising of tax invoice?CGST Act 201712(2);13(2)50;66/2017 CTInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q8Input Tax CreditsCommon CreditsCan a business claim credits on rent expense where business includes both taxable as well as exempt supplies?CGST Act 201717(2)42Not relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q9E-way BillRequirementIs there exemption from generation of e-way bill if the movement is within 50 kms?CGST Act 201768(1) and 68(2)3rd proviso to Rule 138(3) and Proviso to Rule 138(5)Not relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q10Aggregate TurnoverDeterminationShould aggregate turnover be determined to the specific GSTIN only?CGST Act 20172(6)Not relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q11ReturnsITC reportingCan the Input Tax Credit reversal on Credit notes received, be reduced from Gross availment instead of reporting under reversal?CGST Act 201716;17;3961/ GSTR 3BNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q12ConsiderationFormShould consideration be only in monetary form?CGST Act 20172(31)Not relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q13Credit NoteDocumentationIn case of purchase returns what are the various documents required to be issued and who should issue the same?CGST Act 20173453(1A); 55Not relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q14ClassificationAdoptionIs it safe to adopt the Classification followed by the supplier?CGST Act 20179(1); 2(107)Not relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q15Composite Supply/ Mixed SupplyCombo offersTooth paste and Tooth brush offered as a combo pack - Is it a composite supply or mixed supply?CGST Act 20172(30); Section 8Not relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q16Blocked CreditsMotor carCan a business get input tax credits for purchase of motor car being used for business purpose?CGST Act 201717(5)Not relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q17Input Tax CreditsEssential fieldsTo claim input tax credit, what are the essential fields that must be present in the tax invoice?CGST Rules 201716Proviso to Rule 36(2)39/2018 CTInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q18Tax InvoiceDocumentationWhen should a Self Tax Invoice be raised?CGST Act 201731(3)(f)46Not relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q19Accounts and RecordsInventory recordsIs the maintenance of inventory records mandatory?CGST Act 201735(1)(c) 56(2)Not relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q20Place of SupplyBill to Ship to modelIn a "bill to ship" model what will be the place of supply?IGST Act 201710(1)(b)46(n) & 46(o)Not relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q21GSTR 2AReconciliationIs GSTR 2A reconciliation mandatory for claiming input tax credits?CGST Act 20171636(4)49/2019 CTInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q22Payment of taxDeposit of taxCan deposit of tax in the electronic cash ledger be equated to discharge of tax?CGST Act 201749(1),39(7)61(3)Not relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q23Annual Returns and AuditFiling requirementFor the FY 2018-19 who must file GSTR 9 and GSTR 9C on a mandatory basis?CGST Act 201744(1); 44(2); 35(5)Proviso to Rule 80(3)Insta AnswerInsta Video
Q24RefundsEligibilityIs the Refund of credits pertaining to Capital goods available?CGST Act 2017Explanation1 to Section 54Not relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q25NoticeNon-filersWhat is the course of action required when Notice is received in the Form GSTR 3A?CGST Act 20174668, GSTR 3ANot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q26ReturnsQRMP SchemeWhat is QRMP Scheme?Not relevantNot relevantNot relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q27ReturnsQRMP SchemeWho is eligible to opt for QRMP Scheme and who is ineligible?Not relevantNot relevantNot relevant84/2020 CT; Circular 143/13/2020Insta AnswerInsta Video
Q28ReturnsQRMP SchemeHow does Auto-migration to QRMP Scheme work?CGST Act 201739(1); 39(7)61A84/2020 CTInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q29ReturnsQRMP SchemeWhat is the process for Manual migration to QRMP Scheme?Not relevantNot relevantNot relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q30ReturnsQRMP SchemeWhat is the frequency of opt-in and opt-out into QRMP Scheme?Not relevantNot relevantNot relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q31ReturnsQRMP SchemeWhat is invoice Furnishing Facility(IFF)?Not relevantNot relevantNot relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q32ReturnsQRMP SchemeWhat are the two methods for making monthly payments under QRMP scheme?CGST Act30(7); 148GST PMT-0685/2020 CTInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q33ReturnsQRMP SchemeIs it possible to switch between the payments methods during the quarter?Not relevantNot relevantNot relevant143/30/2020Insta AnswerInsta Video
Q34ReturnsQRMP SchemeWhat is the timeline for monthly deposit of taxes?Not relevantNot relevantGST PMT-06Not relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q35ReturnsQRMP SchemeFrom Jan 2021 onwards is it possible to opt for Monthly GSTR 3B with Quarterly GSTR 1?CGST ACT 2017Section 39Rule 5981/2020 and 82/2020 – Central TaxInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q36ReturnsQRMP SchemeIn case of Nil tax liability in a particular month Whether taxes to be deposited?Not relevantNot relevantNot relevant85/2020 – Central TaxInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q37ReturnsQRMP SchemeWhether refund can be claimed from Electronic Cash ledger during the interim period?CGST ACT 2017Not relevantRule 61(4)82/2020 – Central TaxInsta AnswerInsta Video
Q38ReturnsQRMP SchemeQRMP Scheme is suitable for which kinds of businesses?Not relevantNot relevantNot relevantNot relevantInsta AnswerInsta Video
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