About InstaGST

About InstaGST

InstaGST is the one stop solution to assist in quick access to GST content

InstaGST is your answer to everything GST

Information is often disparate, unstructured and in-accessible. The Insta GST app, solves this problem by ensuring that you have all the resources of GST within a few clicks. Fast, easy, reliable and instant – the promise of Insta GST.

Organized in multiple verticals


to provide access to Structured and Categorized GST Content


to enhance productivity and speed,


to facilitate Macro-Micro-Modular learning


GST questions being answered by experts

Insta Articles

Articles and write ups on GST by professionals and subject experts

Insta Hub

Access to InstaGST Webinars

And the best part …. ‘pay as you use’

It is organized on a subscription model, making it cost-effective and focused for each user.

InstaGST Walk-through

InstaGST – Virtual Tour

Get ready to be blown away by the app in action.  Take a video tour of the various unique features of the app

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